Raised on Pizza
Rock ‘n Roll

Our story…

about sgt pepper


To experience Sgt Pepper is to love music, dance and pizza. Sgt Pepper is a place to escape the rut of everyday life, to celebrate music, to dance as if nobody’s watching and to indulge in that guilty pleasure, pizza. Our philosophy … Good Times.


What we do best…

Pizza & Rock ‘n Roll


Sgt Pepper celebrates the creative relationship between food and music

From the beginning we have been committed in making pizza the star of the show – fresh ingredients that stand out and come together in a way that is an act of pure rock ‘n roll.

Our pizzas…

How unique are these babes?


Each pizza has her own story to tell.

This is what a Sgt Pepper pizza is all about. A thing of beauty, stripped of pretence, allowed to take the stage and rock ‘n roll.


194 Long Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

Come check us out you’ll love it.

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There’s no better team than the Sgts’ Team.

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